Creating a Chart of Accounts in Oval Accounting

Within Oval Administration there is a Chart of Accounts tab where you can either customise the one we provide or create new Chart of Accounts based upon your Company and Department needs. Once these have been created, they can be assigned to the different Entities that will be using the relevant one.

  1. Navigate to Oval Administration.
  2. Click on the Chart of Accounts Tab.
  3. There is a Standard Chart of Accounts supplied or click on New.

  1. Here you can enter the name of the Chart of Accounts and also select the currency that should be applied.
  2. Click on Save.
  3. Now you can start adding Ledger Account Types and Ledger Accounts by clicking New next to the relevant one.

The Standard Chart of Accounts supplied provides examples of these :

Once the Chart of Accounts are setup, you can then create Entities that will be using this particular COA.

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