Reports in Oval Accounting

Once Oval Accounting has been installed you can see which reports are provided by navigating to the Reports tab. There are 11 reports supplied which include the following :

  1. Transactions by Type.
  2. Current FY COA Category.
  3. Balance Sheet by Current FY.
  4. Current FY Ledger Account Summary.
  5. Accounting Journals by Status.
  6. Transactions by Status and Type.
  7. Accounting Journals by Date.
  8. Profit and Loss CFY by Period.
  9. Profit and Loss Current Period.
  10. Trial Balance Current FY.
  11. Trial Balance Current Period.

The reports themselves display the information by entity and by currency. New customised reports can be created as required.

Contact us at hello@ovalaccounting to find out more.