Q. What is Oval Accounting ?

A. Oval Accounting is a Cloud Accounting application specifically designed for Accountants and the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Q. How do we install Oval Accounting ?

A. Oval Accounting can be installed through the App Exchange within Salesforce, or alternatively you can contact us directly at

Q. How much does Oval Accounting cost ?

A. If you contact us directly at we can provide a quote based upon your requirements.

Q. Is Oval Accounting difficult to configure?

A. All the configuration is done in the Oval Administration application. It is intuitive to do this, but we are more than happy to help with the setup.

Q. What size businesses use Oval Accounting ?

A. Oval Accounting can be used for any size business, small, medium enterprise. It has purposely been designed to suit the requirements of any business type.

Q. Why should we choose Oval Accounting ?

A.Oval Accounting is simple to use, incorporates some of the latest Lightning experiences, and most importantly integrates directly with your Customer and Supplier records providing key performance indicators.

Q. Is Oval Accounting just for Accounts people?

A. Oval Accounting can help Sales people as well as Accounts people by providing them access to Customer and Supplier records via the Accounts tab.This holds the KPI information for Customers and Suppliers.