Designed for Accountants

Built for Salesforce Lightning

Core Accounting Engine

Multi-Entity, Multi-Currency and Multi-Dimensional Accounting

Financial Analysis Tools

Real-time Analytics, Performance Management and Financial Modelling

Compliance Management

Accounting and Reporting Standards

Seamless Integration

Extend Operational Processes to the Finance Team

Oval Accounting® is a modern Cloud Accounting application designed for Accountants and the Salesforce® Lightning Platform. The application provides a robust and flexible Core Accounting Engine plus Financial Modelling tools that deliver real-time analytics and a 360˚ financial view

As a native Salesforce application Oval Accounting has been designed to enable operational processes (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud etc.) to be seamlessly extended to include financial elements and Accounting users.

Seamless Integration. The Oval Accounting application installs into the company’s Salesforce instance and introduces new financial management features for accountant users. The core accounting engine has been designed to support customisation and extension using the point-and-click configuration tools provided by the Salesforce Lightning platform. Rich APIs are also provided for technical integrations. The development of new financial processes or the seamless extension of existing operational processes to the finance team is straightforward as Oval Accounting shares the same Salesforce data as the Sales or Service Cloud.


Salesforce Lightning Experience. As a native Salesforce application Oval Accounting has been designed to blend well with existing Salesforce features to ensure a seamless user experience. The application has been developed in the Salesforce Lightning era and is optimised fully to exploit the latest innovative capabilities of the Lightning platform and the modern Lightning Experience user interface.

Core Accounting Engine. Oval Accounting provides a unified ledger, accounting engine based on double-entry bookkeeping principles. The core accounting engine has been designed for flexibility with multiple entity (corporate structures; legal entities, departments etc.), multiple currency (across entities), complex taxation rules and multi-dimensional (simplified Chart of Accounts, dimensions represent projects, strategic initiatives or any custom factor) features.

Financial Analysis Tools. Central to any financial process is the ability to measure performance in real-time and to project the impact of changing business conditions. Oval Accounting implements a dynamic calculation model which ensures that balances and financial measures are always accurate. Financially modelling tools are provided which support what-if analysis via the definition of custom financial models based on scenarios and conditions.